Using strftime for Date Formatting

photo shows an zoomed in watch face with weekday, date, and month dials.

For some reason when I’m working with dates in Ruby or R, I forget that there is a super handy method that can be used to format a date, or even a string, so that it looks completely different. Most…

TIL: The Annotate Gem

orange lines and dots connected together.

Today, while watching a video by CJ Avilla, he used a neat little gem that describes the schema of the models in his project. At 8:32 (video is cued up below) he installs the Annotate gem and then runs an…

Markdown in Ruby on Rails with RedCarpet

Marilyn Monroe impersonator on red carpet

What is Markdown Markdown is a markup language, created by John Gruber and Aaron Swartz, that allows you to easily format text by using special characters in a text document. When processed, the markdown characters are converted into formatted text.…

Rails 7 Explicit HTTP Status Codes

Rails status code snippet

I noticed something in the Rails Guide for Rails version 7.0.1 this morning that I hadn’t seen in previous versions of the Getting Started tutorial. Now, the guide has HTTP status codes listed on the Create, Update, and Destroy actions…