Calculating Time Difference in R

Photo of old-school clocks with different times on the face.

Recently, I needed to calculate the time difference between two times that were exported from a system. The times in the report were formatted like “07:30:00 AM” or “04:00:00 PM”. This data in this particular data set does do not…

Switching to System 2 Thinking

Stop sign with blue sky and green trees in background

This weekend, I was driving to the grocery store using adaptive cruise control while navigating through traffic. I was listening to a podcast and all of the sudden, the interior of my car flashed red and a notification popped up…

Two Ways to Benchmark Your R Scripts

Timex clock showing time

Sometimes you need to know how long your scripts take to process in order to make improvements or to get an idea of how long it will take to process in the future. Most times, I could care less about…

How to Hide Reactions on Facebook Posts

Scrabble tiles spelling the word LIKE.

Facebook allows you to hide the number of reactions on posts. You can change the settings so that only reactions are hidden for you, for your friends, or both. Changing how you or your Facebook friends see likes on your…